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You already know that you need to keep away from consuming sugar as a lot as doable. Sugar just isn’t wholesome for you and also you don’t want it, proper? Effectively, tetragonula honey bees would disagree. Scientists discovered that in tetragonula honey there’s a uncommon, wholesome sugar trehalulose. However the place does it come from? Researchers on the College of Queensland came upon.

Tetragonula bee honey accommodates trehalulose, which isn’t present in different honey or as a significant part in different meals. Picture credit score: DianitaKartika through Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The very query, the place does wholesome sugar come from, appears a bit bizarre. However researchers didn’t know if it comes from some exterior sources or if it’s a product of some organic course of of those stingless bees. Researchers had been wanting right into a chance that trehalulose, which isn’t present in different honey or as a significant part in different meals, could be coming from the resin from timber that stingless bees gather. This speculation was primarily based on the truth that stingless bees, discovered all through tropical and subtropical elements of the world, don’t construct their hives solely from beeswax – they retailer their honey in small pots comprised of beeswax and tree resins.

Researchers confined colonies of the Australian stingless bee (Tetragonula carbonaria) and fed them such widespread sugars as sucrose, glucose and fructose. And but they nonetheless produced trehalulose, which is usually known as a wholesome sugar. This confirmed that trehalulose-rich honey is produced within the guts of stingless bees. These bugs are in a position to convert sucrose into trehalulose. They gather nectar from vegetation which might be wealthy in sucrose after which make their particular honey. Honey of the Australian stingless bee could be very extremely regarded and wanted. It’s fairly costly.

Why is trehalulose generally considered a wholesome sugar? Effectively, it’s digested extra slowly, which signifies that there isn’t any  sudden spike in blood glucose that you simply get from different sugars. This reduces the detrimental results of sugar. Opposite to a well-liked perception, consuming pure sugar, akin to honey, continues to be terribly unhealthy. However trehalulose is no less than much less damaging different, which could be very uncommon.

Researchers now need to establish totally different horticultural crops which have nectar excessive in sucrose. Natasha Hungerford, lead creator of the examine, stated: “We need to examine the nectar sugars current in crops akin to macadamia, lychee and avocado, and whether or not stingless bee pollination of those crops may lead to a excessive degree of trehalulose of their honey”.

You might be asking, why trehalulose just isn’t used as a substitute of normal sugar. Effectively, as a result of it’s uncommon and subsequently costly. Scientists may form of recreate it within the laboratory, however the end result was inferior to the pure one. However they’re going to proceed this analysis, which hopefully will present us with some helpful data in order that “wholesome sugar” honey might be extra widespread sometime.


Supply: College of Queensland

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