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A film ought to have solely so many tinkly piano preparations in its rating.

Overdose on these saccharine sounds, and also you’re veering into Harlequin romance turf. Or worse.

“Summerland” commits that sonic sin amongst different transgressions. If not for a bravura lead flip the movie could be a forgettable, albeit well-intentioned, portrait of bigotry and therapeutic.

Gemma Arterton stars as Alice, a lady so foul tempered the neighborhood boys stuff her mailbox slot with dust and particles. You could possibly blame the instances, maybe. The story is ready in Southern England throughout World Warfare II, and cities like London are below assault from German battle planes.

FAST FACT: Gemma Arterton is the founder and proprietor of Insurgent Park Productions, a shingle devoted to bringing extra girls into the filmmaking fold.

Meaning a few of Alice’s fellow residents are taking in “evacuees,” kids briefly deserted by mother and father preventing the battle effort or made casualties from it.

Now, it’s Alice’s flip, and she or he’d relatively do anything than settle for younger Frank (Lucas Bond) into her dwelling. The lad is good and affected person, however the irascible Alice needs to pound away on her typewriter with zero distractions.

It’s not a spoiler to say Alice finally sweetens to Frank’s presence, and thru a sequence of flashbacks we be taught why she’s so bitter about, nicely, every thing. Meet Vera (Gugu Mbatha-Uncooked), the love of Alice’s life.

Clearly one thing went awry, and we endure via scenes so sticky candy they’d make a Hallmark government blush.

And that hints on the larger points plaguing “Summerland.” The story’s edges have been sanded to a boring, uncomplicated floor, and author/director Jessica Swale’s screenplay telegraphs each emotion. Sure, these valuable piano strains grate on us, however how else would you rating these sequences?

The Alice/Vera romance performs out like a rom-com parody, and the cultural tells of their forbidden love may be worse – even when the interracial aspect by no means will get talked about. Watching an oblivious (woke?) baby cheer Alice up is to see fashionable mores grafted onto a sequence set 75-plus years in the past.

But we care, at the very least just a little, as a result of Arterton received’t have it another manner. The actress commits totally to the position, and seeing her register the ache and pleasure bullet pointed by the script is to observe a star rise miles above the fabric.

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Swale deserves credit score for not lecturing us in regards to the period’s racial and sexual prejudices, however that delicate contact may have addressed the problems in a extra satisfying style.

Even the Alice/Frank connection, which understandably takes time to construct, is marred by plot contrivances that sap it of its good will.

There’s a giant ol’ twist deep into the film, and whereas it is sensible on a sure stage it’s additionally one other extremely manipulative notice, the boldest of the movie.

Simply throw it on the pile, eh?

HiT or Miss: “Summerland” may be stunning at instances, and the romantic longing at its core can’t assist however resonate. The remaining is pure manipulation, and second charge at that.

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