Humza Yousaf rules out snap Holyrood election – NewsEverything Scotland

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Humza Yousaf rules out snap Holyrood election – NewsEverything Scotland
Humza Yousaf rules out snap Holyrood election – NewsEverything Scotland

That’s despite his party claiming it was “undemocratic” for the Tories to put Rishi Sunak into No 10 without a vote.

The leadership hopeful said there were significant differences in circumstances. He said that unlike in Westminster, all MSPs in Holyrood get a vote on who the next first minister should be. 

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He told the Press Association: “The opposition will put their candidate forward, we’ll put our candidate forward and we’ll see who ends up getting selected as first minister. So I don’t think there’s a need for another Holyrood election beyond the current timetable.”

He said he had “no plans” to push for an election.

“I don’t think that would be required, I don’t think that would be necessary,” he said.

Mr Yousaf was also asked about the role of the SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell.

He is the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, and his position overseeing the contest has been described as a “conflict of interest” for Mr Murrell by Mr Yousaf’s rival, Ash Regan.

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Mr Yousaf said he believes there needs to be “internal party reform”, but that he did not believe the chief executive should stand aside.

“I’m a big believer in internal party reform at headquarters, but I don’t like to make these things personal,” he said.

“I don’t know why somebody would demand getting rid of somebody who’s been the chief executive of the party, who’s won countless elections in the last few years.”

Mr Yousaf also rejected descriptions of him as a continuity candidate.

But he added: “I find it an unusual argument that people call me a continuity candidate, because if it means continuing Nicola Sturgeon’s record of election wins, if it means continuing on her legacy of increasing support for independence at higher levels than we’ve ever seen before, if it means continuing a socially progressive agenda, then I don’t think these are bad things to continue.

“All of these things will help us to gain our independence.”

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Mr Yousaf also pledged to increase funding available to the Scottish National Investment Bank from £2 billion over the next decade to £10 billion by allowing the bank to borrow money which would then be invested in renewable projects.

Meanwhile, his campaign was given a boost overnight after he was endorsed by former SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

“In this election, it has to be Humza,” he said.

The backing will be a blow for Ms Forbes, who shares a constituency with Mr Blackford. 

He said he was backing Mr Yousaf because he would “unite both the SNP and the Yes movement.”




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