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Is it Doable to Drill Sq. Holes? – NewsEverything Expertise

drill for square holes

Everyone knows how drills work: this instrument with a particular rotating head cuts holes the place they’re wanted. There are various sorts of drills, that differ relying on the kind of the fabric they’re supposed to work on. And, as everyone knows – drills make spherical holes solely.

Nonetheless picture from YouTube video.

However wait – what if we may drill sq. holes, proper from the start? This isn’t doable, you say? Don’t be so hasty. With some cautious mechanical engineering and attention-grabbing geometrical answer, plus some custom-made gear, you may drill sq. holes as a substitute of the spherical ones.

Watch the next video explaining intimately how such drill was produced. Observe that the ensuing gap has some spherical edges on the corners the place it ought to be strictly square-shaped.  Because the creator of this intelligent gadget explains, this may very well be mounted by utilizing a extra steady drill information. Don’t overlook to activate captions or learn the transcript when watching this video: