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India v Australia: first men’s one-day international – live | Australia cricket team – NewsEverything Fashion
India v Australia: first men’s one-day international – live | Australia cricket team – NewsEverything Fashion

Key events

29th over: Australia 174-5 (Green 12, Maxwell 3) Tapping the ball around to start with, Maxwell takes a couple through cover, then a run through square. Five from Jadeja’s over. Drinks.

28th over: Australia 169-5 (Green 10, Maxwell 0) Here he comes, returning from that awful injury – here is wishing a very happy Glenn Maxwell Day, to those who celebrate.

WICKET! Inglis b Shami 26, Australia 169-5

A strange over. Back to pace, as Shami returns. Past the edge of Inglis first ball. Suryakumar Yadav does very well to save two runs by the boundary, tapping back after Inglis plays behind point. The third umpire takes way too long to confirm the obvious. No saving runs from the next ball: six, as Inglis pulls the short ball over square leg. Shot. Then a strange DRS review after Inglis flashes and misses, nowhere near the bat on replay. The fifth ball sees the end of him, wide outside off stump and Inglis throws hands at it, chopping back onto the stumps.

27th over: Australia 161-4 (Inglis 18, Green 10) First ball is dropped at slip. Green goes at Kuldeep, a fast edge goes well to the right of Gill and he gets a hand to it but with no control. Gets him a run, Inglis sweeps a couple, Green another brace, six from the over.

26th over: Australia 155-4 (Inglis 15, Green 7) Settling into a rhythm here, four runs off Jadeja’s over as neither side tries anything aggressive.

25th over: Australia 151-4 (Inglis 12, Green 6) Kuldeep working away at the stumps from over the wicket. Green is working the gaps well, a couple of runs to midwicket, another down the ground.

24th over: Australia 147-4 (Inglis 11, Green 3) First attacking shot from Inglis, reverse-sweeping Jadeja last ball of the over for four. Sees the line outside off, gets in position very early and times it behind point. Turns a quiet over into a good one for Australia.

23rd over: Australia 140-4 (Inglis 6, Green 1) Australia will test their depth then. Green at six, Maxwell seven, Stoinis eight. Labuschagne was only dealing in singles, looked to cut towards the boundary to get his innings moving, and that ends it. Green takes a single, Kuldeep nearly gets a second wicket when Inglis misses a poke, and Kuldeep misses the outside edge by a micron and the off stump by two.

WICKET! Labuschagne c Jadeja b Kuldeep 15, Australia 139-4

Incredible catch! We talk about Jadeja’s fielding quality, then he does this. Drive from Labuschagne, sliced to backward point, spinning and dipping. Jadeja is placed finer, has to dive to his left, full length. Gets both hands to it where most players would not get one, and takes it low to the ground.

22nd over: Australia 138-3 (Labuschagne 15, Inglis 5) Dual spin continues with Marsh out of the picture, Jadeja conceding five singles in that over.

21st over: Australia 133-3 (Labuschagne 13, Inglis 2) Tricky start for Inglis, taking a couple of singles from Kuldeep. He made a matchwinning ton for Western Australia in the 50-over domestic final last week, albeit with a huge amount of luck, being dropped repeatedly. Unlikely to get that sort of streak again.

20th over: Australia 129-3 (Labuschagne 11, Inglis 0) Next in is Josh Inglis, defending the last couple of Jadeja offerings.

WICKET! Marsh c Siraj b Jadeja 81 from 65, Australia 129-3

After some sensational work to turn Marsh’s last four into two runs, Jadeja comes on to bowl and saves four more off his own bowling, diving across. He and Maxwell are still the gold standard for fielding in the world, even as they get into their 30s. Jadeja can’t stop Marsh third ball of the over though, a bit too short, turning away but Marsh cuts with the turn through cover. But can stop him fourth ball, similar turn but a touch fuller, Marsh aiming to loft over cover but only getting a spinning outside edge, curling into the hands of short third. Powerful innings for the all-rounder.

19th over: Australia 124-2 (Marsh 77, Labuschagne 10) The back-away cut again, nails it off Kuldeep’s bowling this time. Four for Marsh through cover. Then six more over the leg side! Five sixes for him today. Similar to the Jadeja shot, stands still and drops it over wide long on. Kuldeep frustrated. Bowls a little faster and flatter, almost through Marsh but he bottom edges the cut and still picks up two runs. That’s 13 from the over.

18th over: Australia 111-2 (Marsh 65, Labuschagne 9) Marsh trying to replicate his shot against Kuldeep, backing away to cut Jadeja, but the bowler is too fast, up over 97 kilometres an hour on that ball. Luckily for Marsh it wasn’t on the stumps. But when Jadeja fires in at the leg stump, Marsh stays still. Clears his front leg and thumps it over long on! Fourth six of his innings, 50th of his one-day career.

17th over: Australia 103-2 (Marsh 58, Labuschagne 8) Off goes Kuldeep, a bit of turn back into the right-handed Marsh immediately, and Marsh goes crabbing across the crease to keep him out, defensively minded. Risky shot third ball as he backs away to cut, but he gets it cleanly! The ball keeps low, it’s on middle stump, and he still nails his cut shot through extra cover for four. Then from force to finesse, down low and paddling a sweep shot fine for four more. The 14th ODI fifty of his career, to go with his one career hundred. Good chance to double that latter tally today.

16th over: Australia 94-2 (Marsh 49, Labuschagne 8) Great control from Jadeja, only three singles from his over. That’s what he offers. Kuldeep Yadav to bring some wrist spin into the contest next.

15th over: Australia 91-2 (Marsh 47, Labuschagne 7) Third six of the innings for Marsh! His least convincing, as he tries to get up and under a halfway short ball from Pandya, and gets really up and under it. The ball hangs in the air and eventually just clears the rope. Again, there’s not much more from the over aside from the six.

14th over: Australia 83-2 (Marsh 40, Labuschagne 6) Spin at last, Ravindra Jadeja with the ball. Left-arm spinner, fast through the air, not too far off taking 200 ODI wickets to go with his 264 in Tests. His first ball is poor, too wide and full, allowing Labuschagne to use a bottom-handed slap through cover for four. Settles into his work with a ball that turns past Marsh’s outside edge. Then a straighter ball off the inside edge into the body. Four dots to follow the early runs.

13th over: Australia 78-2 (Marsh 40, Labuschagne 1) The last time Marnus Labuschagne was in the middle he was dead-batting out a Test draw with Steve Smith in Ahmedabad. Now he’s replacing Smith with the need to play shots foremost in his mind. Starts with a leg glance for one. Marsh fences at a ball outside off. India’s quicks have all been impressive at times.

WICKET! Smith c Rahul b Pandya 22, Australia 77-2

Gone that time. Width from Pandya, Smith looks to dab a cut shot fine to deep third, and only gets a thick top edge that goes wide to KL Rahul’s right. A good catch from the keeper jumping across.

Wicket overturned

12th over: Australia 76-1 (Marsh 39, Smith 22) Shardul Thakur carries on, a couple of decent balls before Smith thrashes a cut shot for four. Shuffles forward next ball, hit on the ankle by an inswinginging yorker, given out on field but he’s hit that ball. He looks very annoyed, probably more because he didn’t get more bat on it, but the review saves him. “Never afraid to take a review,” says his former captain Finch.

11th over: Australia 70-1 (Marsh 39, Smith 17) Marsh goes again! One ball after nearly following Head by chopping the ball back onto his stumps, he dumps Pandya over deep midwicket for six. Too full, easy swing.

10th over: Australia 52-1 (Marsh 31, Smith 16) Shardul Thakur into the attack. Smith takes a single, Marsh takes a look at one ball, then Marsh takes a full swing. Into the sight screen for six. Dead straight lofted drive. He aims more leg side the next ball, missing as he plays across the line and is hit on the pad but it’s missing leg stump. Marsh blocks and leaves the next couple. Good start for Australia from the first ten overs.

9th over: Australia 52-1 (Marsh 25, Smith 15) Way wide of off stump from Pandya, and that gives Smith the room to stride across decisively and dispatch the cover drive for four! Dramatic shot. A wide down the leg side follows, KL Rahul doing well to dive across. Serious movement to end the over, some swing in the air and off the pitch, away from the bat as Marsh aims a big drive.

8th over: Australia 46-1 (Marsh 25, Smith 10) Siraj continues. Aaron Finch popping up on commentary, a step into the post-playing life for the former Australian captain in this format. The bumper doesn’t work this time, Marsh top-edging over fine leg for four. Not controlled but runs are the result. As earlier, Marsh follows a false shot with a true one, smashed through cover again.

7th over: Australia 37-1 (Marsh 17, Smith 9) Hardik Pandya on for his first over, and Mitchell Marsh gets a huge inside edge for four. So thick that it flies through square leg rather than behind the wicket, as he aims through the off side. Pandya pitches up and threatens the off stump with some seam movement. Then threatens the outside edge. Five dots follow the boundary.

6th over: Australia 33-1 (Marsh 13, Smith 9) Seven runs off the first three overs, 22 off the next two. Add another four to that! Laced by Smith through extra cover, driving Siraj on the up. So the bowler goes back to pace basics: bouncer, just missing the top edge. Then the yorker, jammed back. And the halfway short ball, into the ribs where it strikes Smith as he pulls. Good little salvo from Siraj. Finishes it off with a length ball that Smith respectfully sends back.

5th over: Australia 29-1 (Marsh 13, Smith 5) More extras, leg side again from Shami and this time it clips Smith on the thigh before finding the boundary. And another wide, Shami’s errors undoing some of his good work. He overcorrects in response to those mistakes, gives Smith width outside off, and Smith cracks it through cover for four.

4th over: Australia 19-1 (Marsh 13, Smith 0) Marsh throws the hands at Siraj, not a convincing shot as he slices the drive behind point while aiming through cover, but it gets him four as it rolls slowly into the rope. More convincing next time round though! On the back foot to meet a shorter length, timing it perfectly through cover for four. Then bash, down the ground. On the front foot and lofting his off drive. Three boundaries in the over after a quiet start from Marsh.

3rd over: Australia 7-1 (Marsh 1, Smith 0) Shami comes back over the wicket to the right-handed Marsh, with Smith to the non-striker’s end. Races a single. First ball to Smith is wide down leg. That’s the last poor delivery though, as Shami tests him out around the off stump. Finding holes like that defence is a lace doily. Beats Smith a couple of times, no runs scored.

WICKET! Head b Siraj 5, Australia 5-1

2nd over: Australia 5-1 (Marsh 0) What an over! The contest is great. Siraj bowls over the wicket to the left-hander where Shami was coming around. Head back-cuts so close to the body, as he always tends to do. Then flashes at a wide one and misses, shades of Warner in both. Misses out again off his pads, then finally climbs into a delivery, wide and not so short but lumberjacked out through cover. Siraj dials back the length and Head is beaten on the top edge, nice bounce from this surface. The bowler gives him a long stare off a long follow-through. A challenge to ask whether he’s willing to come after the ball. So Head does, the last ball of the over. Walks at it, swings through midwicket, and gets a bottom edge back onto the stumps. Advantage Siraj.

1st over: Australia 1-0 (Head 1, Marsh 0) A good start from Shami, the cricket following on from the Test series as he hits a length outside the off stump, finds some bounce, and Head plays cautiously for a few balls before carefully taking a single to point. Marsh gets squared up but survives a thick outside nick along the ground.

Interesting teams! Two stand-in captains, Pandya and Smith. Warner hasn’t recovered sufficiently so Mitch Marsh opens. Inglis gets the gloves ahead of Carey. Maxwell at seven, Stoinis at eight! Talk about batting deep. Australia go to ten. India less so, with Kuldeep a fine bowler but not much of a batter at nine. Their team more or less as expected with the three all-rounders from six to eight.

Travis Head
Mitchell Marsh
Steve Smith *
Marnus Labuschagne
Josh Inglis +
Cameron Green
Glenn Maxwell
Marcus Stoinis
Sean Abbott
Mitchell Starc
Adam Zampa

Ishan Kishan
Shubman Gill
Virat Kohli
Suryakumar Yadav
KL Rahul +
Hardik Pandya *
Ravindra Jadeja
Shardul Thakur
Kuldeep Yadav
Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Shami

India win the toss and bowl

Preferring to chase with the chance that dew will affect the bowlers in the evening, Hardik Pandya gets his way.

If you want another indication of how meaningful this series is, no Australian media outlet is covering it. None. All of us who did the Test series headed for the exits afterwards. Even the contingent from the in-house Cricket Australia site. They went to the Caribbean and Bangladesh on the team plane during the pandemic for white-ball tours, but not this. Cricbuzz and Cricinfo will have their Australian correspondents at this first match in Mumbai, but only because they had other things to take care of in the same city. Nobody will be travelling to the second and third matches.

Why? Because this series was added only a couple of months ago and serves no purpose aside from filling screen time. English players were scathing about the one-dayers they played right after the T20 World Cup last November, and half their reserve players preferred to play the Pakistan Super League T20s than show up in Bangladesh for England matches over the past couple of weeks. We’re at an interesting stage in the life cycle of bilateral contests.

If you want some preview information about the series, why, I have just the thing.


Geoff Lemon

Geoff Lemon

Hello all. Here we are for the most eagerly anticipated series of… wait, sorry, just getting some advice in my headset… for a series! A series of cricket matches to be played across 50 overs per side, three times, between two teams and a television broadcaster that will make a good return from them.

Australia’s David Warner kicks a round football at training.
Australia’s David Warner attends a practice session ahead of the first one day international cricket match against India, in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, March 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool) Photograph: Rafiq Maqbool/AP


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