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Many people dream about having our enamel whitened sooner or later as we have a look at celebrities’ dazzling smiles on the entrance pages. It’s all-natural that stains seem on the floor of our enamel after consuming espresso, tea, or some fruit juices. Many whitening substances will help you to do away with the stainings. This text will present perception into why our enamel get stained and the way completely different whitening chemical substances work.


Picture credit score: Julia Ławińska & Science Embassy

Enamel vs. stain

Enamel have a pure defend referred to as enamel that protects the extra delicate and porous tissue of enamel referred to as dentine. Enamel is essentially the most mineralized tissue in our physique, and on the similar time, it’s the most hardened tissue in the whole physique! All due to its primary element – the mineral referred to as hydroxyapatite [1]. Not solely that, our tooth enamel is even tougher than gold, silver, iron, or metal [2]!

Regardless of its energy, it will get discolored in a short time. A stain seems when enamel absorbs some coloured compounds from meals and drinks. Let’s have a look nearer on the drinks that we drink. They include many alternative chemical compounds. Juices or soda drinks like cola include acids which have a harmful affect on enamel. It doesn’t matter what acid, the citric acid from juice or acid from cola (cola often comprises orthophosphoric acid) – makes the enamel softer. The identical occurs once we drink wine. It’s also acidic, so brushing enamel instantly after consuming acidic drinks scratches the enamel [3]. Methods to keep away from it? It’s higher to clean your mouth with water after consuming acidic drinks and wait a number of minutes. Then enamel can be protected.

Candy drinks promote micro organism progress within the mouth that produce acids in dental plaque, and as we all know, these acids will not be good for enamel as a result of they dissolve enamel simply. That course of is extended; nevertheless, it makes enamel porous. So, for the sake of wholesome enamel, it’s higher to keep away from drinks. Extra pores in enamel, extra stains seem, particularly pigments from meals caught in these pores for an extended time. Pigments are in all places, in meals, antibiotics, cigarette smoke, metals reminiscent of iron or copper are different causes of stain [4].

Are there additionally different elements inflicting the undesirable shade of enamel? Positive. The colour of our enamel will depend on genes. Sadly, folks with naturally whiter enamel are extra immediate to tooth decay. So, no worries when you have genetically yellow enamel [5]. There’s all the time a chance to whiten them however extra on that in a second. One other important issue is age. Enamel will get worn away, exposing the extra yellowish dentin. Once we grow old, we are inclined to have extra stains on their enamel except they’ve a denture [6].

Do you know there are extra micro organism in our mouth than folks on Earth? A few of these micro organism can produce black or green-yellow pigments that may additionally stain the enamel. Varied developmental problems or excessive fluoride ranges might play a task in altering the colour, as effectively [5]. It’s price mentioning that in some international locations, consuming water is often fluoridated. It could result in overexposure to fluoride and, consequently, extra frequent tooth enamel stain. Consequently, the nation authorities needed to decrease the fluoride’s really useful degree in water [7].

Enamel whitening period

Since historic occasions folks have cared for enamel. The earliest toothbrushes date again to 3500 BC. Historic Chinese language and Egyptians cleaned their enamel by chewing organic supplies like bark with feathers and fish bones. On the similar time, Arabians made pure toothbrushes from a small tree native to the Center East named toothbrush tree. Europeans scrubbed their enamel with cloths rolled in salt.

So, a brilliant smile was all the time stylish, whatever the world area. As a result of elements talked about above, the colour of enamel may be removed from white, whereas there are various options out there that promise efficient and long-lasting whitening.

What concerning the enamel whitening beginnings? The historical past of it goes again to Roman occasions. Already within the first century, Roman rubbed their enamel with urine! Later another, much less bizarre strategies have been extra common. Lastly, within the XX century, hydrogen peroxide was first utilized and really efficient in eradicating the stains [8].

Do you keep in mind redox reactions from chemistry lessons? Right here they arrive. Enamel whitening brought on by hydrogen peroxide is the oxidation response. It signifies that hydrogen peroxide releases extremely reactive free radicals. They simply bind with tooth stains, that are nothing else than coloured compounds. Free radicals have an effect on these complicated compounds in order that they decolorize and switch lighter. That’s the method the way it works for all gels and whitening strips really useful by dentists.

One other whitening substance is carbamide peroxide. It’s a molecule that breaks down in touch with water to launch hydrogen peroxide [9]. So, carbamide peroxide works although hydrogen peroxide, most tooth whitening is identical method as described above. Sadly, such methods could cause tooth sensitivity, so enamel can ache after the whitening follow [10].

Pure enzymes

Are there any pure merchandise you should utilize at residence to enhance your smile? We’ve excellent news for you. Pure enzymes in some unique fruits reminiscent of bromelain current in pineapple,  ficin derived from fig, and papain present in papaya is sort of promising [9]. Other than having anticancer and anti inflammatory properties towards mushy tissues, they’ll enhance the enamel’ shade [11]. What about enamel oversensitivity after whitening? Bromelain, ficin, and papain are good options as a result of they’re thought to not trigger tooth sensitivity.

Activated charcoal

Just lately, many charcoal-based cosmetics and even toothpaste appeared promising in making clear all surfaces handled with it. Pores and skin, enamel, all clear and recent. How does it work in follow? Charcoal is constructed from plant supplies, together with nutshells, coconut husks, bamboo and peat, and probably wooden and coal [12]. Making activated charcoal includes the extra step of standard heating charcoal within the presence of a fuel. That creates giant pores within the mineral that lure chemical compounds. It’s well-known as an economical, eco-friendly, pure, and above all, fast tooth whitening choice. Its pores bind to your enamel’ tough elements like floor stains, making it simpler to take away them. Nevertheless, charcoal can do extra hurt than good. Why? It doesn’t change the colour of your enamel however wears the paints off. Not solely stains. Charcoal can destroy your enamel badly. When enamel is scratched off, enamel turn out to be extra delicate and fewer proof against micro organism.

What’s extra, dentin is uncovered, exhibiting darker shade. This jet-black powder affords no silver bullets for anybody looking for a Hollywood smile. The identical occurs to enchantment to baking-soda use for enamel brushing. As soon as small crystals scratch enamel, it stays broken and darker in time [13].


Enamel can get stained for varied causes. To forestall the stain, one ought to relatively keep away from staining substances reminiscent of tea, espresso, purple wine, tobacco, and so forth., or brush one’s enamel extra typically. Different elements reminiscent of age, genetics, ailments, and a few micro organism within the mouth affect enamel’ shade. Fortunately, there are some methods to revive an ideal smile. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the most typical whitening brokers, nevertheless they trigger oversensitivity of enamel. Significantly better resolution is use of pure enzymes.

This text is a joint work of Julia Ławińska (School of Chemistry, College of Warsaw) and Magdalena Osial (School of Chemistry, College of Warsaw) as part of the Science Embassy mission. Picture Credit score – Julia Ławińska & Science Embassy


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