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Meg Stalter Finally Gets a Star Vehicle – NewsEverything Hollywood

Meg Stalter is a star, and now the world will finally get

Lex Briscuso Lex Briscuso

‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Rolls a 20 – NewsEverything Hollywood

Role-playing games have survived the digital age, so it makes sense to

Christian Toto Christian Toto

Chapter 4′ Is Action Movie Nirvana – NewsEverything Hollywood

The only thing better than the action is the cast bringing it

Rob Hunter Rob Hunter

Not Even Florence Pugh Can Make ‘A Good Person’ Work – NewsEverything Hollywood

The latest from writer-director Zach Braff never finds its tonal center. By Will

Will DiGravio Will DiGravio

‘Directed by Roland Joffé’ Celebrates the Filmmaker’s Early Works – NewsEverything Hollywood

From ‘The Killing Fields’ to ‘City of Joy,’ these are Roland Joffé’s

Rob Hunter Rob Hunter

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Shows Series Isn’t Dead (Yet) – NewsEverything Hollywood

The “Fast & Furious” saga officially jumped the shark when two “family”

Christian Toto Christian Toto

‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 is Must-See TV – NewsEverything Hollywood

Showtime’s possibly-supernatural survival thriller returns with an intense second season that’s even

Valerie Ettenhofer Valerie Ettenhofer

‘Brandemic’ Lets Bawdy Brit Shred Lockdowns – NewsEverything Hollywood

This isn’t the Russell Brand who made us howl in “Forgetting Sarah

Christian Toto Christian Toto

Bob Odenkirk Leads The Way – NewsEverything Hollywood

Bob Odenkirk is an AMC leading man once again with Lucky Hank,

Valerie Ettenhofer Valerie Ettenhofer