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Spiking mortgage rates have made homes less affordable – NewsEverything Business

If cash is king in the housing market, then the monthly payment

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Fed Chair Powell metric says recession, rate cuts soon – NewsEverything Business

A recession is certain and so are rate cuts this year. That’s

Fed’s rate hike decision expected, 25bps considered – NewsEverything Business

The Federal Reserve is grappling with a hazier economic picture clouded by turmoil

Elizabeth Warren says Powell shouldn’t be Fed chair – NewsEverything Business

A banking crisis that rekindled recession fears and could deal a blow

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Meet the 25-year-old juggling multiple side gigs to make ends meet – NewsEverything Business

Lillie is “pretty much always looking for more and other work,” often

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Home price correction’s latest shift, as told by 6 housing market charts – NewsEverything Business

An updated analysis of Zillow Home Value Index data by Fortune (see chart below), finds that

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Zillow winners and losers: 238 markets with home price increases, 156 with cuts – NewsEverything Business

Zillow economists now believe they’re done issuing downward revisions. In fact, they

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